Why does Jordan Peterson trigger such hysterical condemnation?

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Why does Jordan Peterson trigger such hysterical condemnation?

Post by weedguru_animal »

I hadn’t heard of Peterson until several weeks back.

Most, if not all of my reading of global affairs is focused on I suppose what most would call politics, but I would call it ‘trying to grasp a slither of what the devil is going on with our species’. And he simply hadn’t appeared as a connected video suggested of my usual crowd of BBC Question time, Channel Four news, Ken O Keefe, Crosstalk, Ron Paul, Unz Review, The Saker, Global Research, Information clearing house, Moon of Alabama and sometimes Rogue News.

That is an overview of where I guide my glare when I find chance to try learn of the world of Now through a variety of often contrasting sources, all of which I find generally logical, often intelligent, and more than not factually based.

My other reading has been focused the last few years on Knut Hamsun, Balzac, Tolstoy, Conrad, Dostoyevsky…

My listening is generally…

I sometimes play these videos as budding street artists are appearing at my seminar, where they will receive a permit to perform in the city…as they find a seat, are greeted, and I think to myself and now and then remark ‘yes yes, I dont think art should have a price or need a permit, but you are here to spread your art and make money, so lets get past that here and now…’.

Right. My credo is probably as clear as it can be through the art I like and propaganda merchants I have referenced, and lets be honest, we all spout our own propaganda. Back onto Peterson…

I have been fascinated by Peterson since first coming upon his lectures and interviews. More so by the very clear mainstream media direction to raise him high then drag him low towards Hades as some trojan horse pseudo science caterpillar morphing into Hitler.

When the Guardian, the BBC, when Channel Four News all attack someone, and try to place him or her as some pigeon holed stereotype the mainstream media and people are directed against, I am instantly intrigued.

Peterson interested me in his stance against what he perceived was not just an attack on free speech but a construct delivered by some sinister agenda crowd, in regards to gender pronouns. This was merely curious. Yet when I delved a little deeper, I found more intrigue in his outline of studies of anti social behaviour in the under 4 year olds and the/his complete lack of capacity fo effect improvement in that crowd until they reached their late 20s, as a practising, seemingly pretty successful clinical psychologist…adding horror at the futility of our tried and tested awful system of imprisoning the most anti social people with the most anti social people and expecting them to get better, as in more social.

I was also quite interested in the pushing of an interviewer for Peterson to delve tentatively into any research he was aware of which suggested differences in intellect by ethnicity. Which he prefaced by explaining that we are all so mixed, that this has to be taken into account, as does cultural and social expectations and customs of any group prone to xenophobia…

The reaction of one I have long revered as too far above the common human traits of cowardice, duplicity, greed and spite, to all her human…to her coming across my sharing of Peterson videos on social media…hit me hard and deep. I saddened then roared of her at the tides, which reminded me to accept the flow of all things we call Life… Her suggestions of falling down the Peterson rabbit hole hurt me, then angered me…For she is one who knows me inside out, from living with me, from receiving my mangled poetry for often no human eyes but hers. Condemnation from the Lady of The Forest…and why why why?

My stance on humanity is cynical. Yet also without any searching for a collected human crowd of opposition, for I prefer to look at other species. I see the major differences between us and the animal and insect kingdom as infinitely negative.

We can change our environment to make us more comfortable, invariably to the detriment of many other species of life.

We can think and express more, to the detriment of our connection to each other as a species.

We can talk of heart and soul and spirit and god, which takes us away from our instincts, which takes us away from our closer KNOWN relatives and shared essence in Nature and the Wilderness.

We can build power stations, we can build bridges, we can write poetry, we can sing songs, we can build nuclear bombs, we can build and pay with our wages towards a convenience for us at the cost of death and suffering of others of our species and the planet in turn.

we can create complex multi layered levels of deceit, carefully masked in intellectual sophistry…

I see the Earth as our home, as the source of my Existence, along with the Sun and the Moon and the soil and the winds. I see the weasels as closer to me primally than most humans who are suffering from manufactured consent as much as they are now suffering from manufactured dissent.

No fan of capitalism, yet aware of the benefits afforded to me and taken away from millions of others, hence such ranting and raving as this tappety tap prancing over these keys on my pricy macbook pro here in the garden of the comfortable home I can pay for with my wage. Which some would say is of sucking the corporate cock, but…they are living off the same, and I get paid to help people make gardens and sing and paint and dance…so I can smile, more than scowl at their silliness.

And when it comes to this trigger response to any mention of interest in Jordan Peterson, I find the same flock who talk of rebellion, revolution, civil obedience…Some of them are doing some good for the humans and beyond, many are ball cupping and patting each other on the back after attending organised ‘protests’ which the police, the local residents and businesses know about, and some get pepper sprayed, and its a badge of cool, for they are doing something…What the fuck are they doing which actually matters and makes an affirmative action upon their asserted aspirations of social change? I will avoid outlining what has worked, from my own pondering of movements of people involved in what I consider serious rebellion and revolution from my studies of history, for whilst I want a better world for all creatures great and small and the planet which gives us the platform and opportunity of LIFE, I am not so deluded to encourage what will cause me harm. Call it selfish. It is…But what of those who attend organized protests knowing what awaits them? as in…at best, pepper spray and zero social change? Are their aims not as selfish and less accepted in their stated zeal?

I should apologise for I have moved far more towards the reaction to Peterson, than the man himself. Yet this is what fascinates. And I am prone to seek the brightest flashes in the pan of my own vitality…

Peterson talks of the foundations of our western and beyond societies and how they have given direction to male and female gender. Which makes sense. He speaks of our biological differences in gender, which make sense. He speaks of the horrors of both the extreme Right and the extreme Left, which makes sense. He speaks of the children of single mothers finding it harder to achieve a more comfortable life through financial and academic generally before it gain, which from personal experience, makes sense. He speaks of men finding it easier to know boundaries to avoid physical conflict, which males are more prone towards from my experience, which makes sense.

I disagree with some of his political views, but find his more generally expressed, often but not always based on factual studies opinions of humanity logical and too real to contest.

There is a conclusion of manufactured dissent I have now long in the fang come to accept as my view, as far I wish to to go with studying humanity, which Peterson echoes…though he has more love for our species than me. Most humans I truly love and respect - which is one and the same, one does not ever truly exist without the other…have more love for butterflies and wombats and weasels. Or at least an unspoken yet clear truth in everything they gave to this world, an obvious appreciation that they were no better than dogs or spiders. And more bothered with humans than anything else which can cause us to feel alive.

If I was in charge of Society, I would want to control those both for and against me. I would want to manufacture a platform of dissidence to give my slaves the idea that they have a voice and are making a difference. And what I keep finding, is the most ardently anti-establishment are receiving their orders from…The Establishment.

We are facing a looming kinetic conflict between the US/UK axis of evil and Russia. Probably can put CHina in there alongside Russia.

We are facing the reality of KSA and Israel more powerful in our own governments in directing them towards their interests, fuck ours…We are poisoning our very means for existence of what the Earth has provided in Nature, without human hands…And yet, more people are up in arms and abusing others, condemning those who considered them kin, in their values and actions, due to any interest in…Jordan Peterson.

He could be a part of the Death Inc system I am against, but I think otherwise. Its possible, for any enemy of the state who the Left predominantly are led to rant at without even knowing what the hell he stands for, does become the role of leading the light of the many to meaningless battles, when the real fight is to be fought elsewhere. Sleight of hand, mass hysteria routine…

Its possible Peterson is an agent of the Empire. Yet I doubt it. He seems more likely a reminder that we have become so herded to our manufactured beliefs, our manufactured dissent, our manufactured rebellion, that we cannot stand anyone challenging our views…even when they make any sense to our own experiences of life.

I am not falling down his rabbit hole. I just find his intellect and observations refreshing, through his logical reasoning and extremely brave vitality to say what he thinks and means and deal with the idiots who accuse him of hideous rabble rousing…calmly and reasonably.


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