Top 5 Favourite Drugs?

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jonny cockeral
Ganja God
Ganja God
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Top 5 Favourite Drugs?

Post by jonny cockeral »

What are your top 5 favourite drugs? I'll start us off.

5. Speed
4. Alcohol
3. Acid
2. Mushrooms
1. Weed
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Sir Toke-a-lot
Sir Toke-a-lot
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Post by BUDA »

1) Weed
2) Xtc
4) Shrooms
5) Acid (althought im yet to have a Tab just had it in pills)

Intellecutally Wasted
Intellecutally Wasted
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Post by cutthecashflow »

Get busy living or get busy dying.


Post by tweedle »

1. Weed
2. Shrooms
3. Alcohol

I dont do any others, fuck that

mac dre
The Duke of Dope
The Duke of Dope
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Post by mac dre »

1. weed
2. alcohol
3. yay
4. exo

those are my regulars and favs.
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Post by BGDetroit »

In no paticular order because thats too hard...

1. Weed.
2. Alchohol, 40's of malt liquer exsp.
3. Kane
4. Lots of downer pills.
5. Shrooms.

Weedguru Cusmar
Sir Toke-a-lot
Sir Toke-a-lot
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Post by Weedguru Cusmar »

1. mary jane :spliff:

2. Close call between pure mdma and cut pills, course mdma is a nicer feeling but theres nothing like double dropping some e's (same drug essentialy)


4. Ket, only done it once but it was one of the most intense fuck ups of my life. Walking down the stairs that go in a square sort of spiral in a block of flats with the light going on and off, tripping off k. Nice dark trip (Y)

5. DMT << Fucking crazy, thought i was talking to buddha. Very spiritual but too intense to try reguarly else i think i'd go crazy . :lol:

Red Eye Jedi
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Post by WeedGuru_Flow »

1. weed
2. alcohol
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Midnight Toker
Sir Toke-a-lot
Sir Toke-a-lot
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Post by Midnight Toker »

1. Weed
2. Alchohol
3. Charlie
4. Ecstacy/MDMA
5. Shrooms

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Casual toker
Casual toker
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Post by 420BobMarley420 »

1. Coke
2. Alocohol
3. Weed
4. Shrooms
5. Acid

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Ganja God
Ganja God
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Post by FIRE!!! »

1. Buddha
2. Alki
3. Salvia
4. Yay
5. Downers

Casual toker
Casual toker
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Top 5

Post by onreality »

1. Weed
2. Morphine
3. Adderol
4. Vikes and Perks
6. Yayo
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Weedguru Grampy
Weedguru Grampy
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Post by Gorecore »

1. Weed
2. Alcohol
3. Nicoteine
4. Hash

Those are the only drugs I've done.

I'm hoping someday to add mushrooms to that list.

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Sir Toke-a-lot
Sir Toke-a-lot
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Post by Sammy »

1) weed
2) shrooms
3) acid
4) alcohol
5) wish i had a drug to fill this spot, those 4 are all ive done recently

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Post by dark_erotica »

1 > weed

2 > lsd

3 > mushrooms

4 > alcohol

5 > speed
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