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Re: OxyContin

Post by Bubbles »

thank you for your detailed instructions, CTCF :o :lol:


Intellecutally Wasted
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Re: OxyContin

Post by cutthecashflow »

Ok here is how it works, thanks for reminding me bubbles!

1.) Peel off the outer coating of the OC or just put it in your mouth until the coating comes off.

2.) Next put the pill under your tounge.

3.) Now take some coca cola (yes the same coca cola that can eat the corrosion off of your battery posts) and keep the coke and pill in your mouth at the same time. The coke will degrade the remoxy in the pill.

4.) The pill will begin to start fizzing something fierce in your mouth, at the moment this begins happening you need to swallow the pill and chase it down with another drink of coke (try and do this without any air entering into your stomach along with the coke and pill).

5.) Once the pill hits your stomach it will instantly be abosrbed into your bloodstream and it gives you the same (even better) rush than if you were to snort the pill.

Took some deep thinking to figure this one out, but as Joker said the opiate obsessed will find a way!

Hope this helps any of you who have had diffuculties with the new remoxy built into the OC.
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