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Site Rules and Information

Post by weedguru_animal »

Make no mistake, YOU have stumbled across, or been drawn to by a cruel jester of fate, a COMMUNITY. Not just a screen of virtual ink and strange smileys which resemble, for good or ill, such modern luminaries as the rightly feared and revered Kim Jong-IL :Kim Jong Il: ....I emphasize the word COMMUNITY, because that is the best way to describe the group of people, many of whom have been amongst each other for many moons, who literally ARE weedguru. Personally, I am no shepherd of a fluffy flock, nor would I ever wish to be, for I would lead them all to their slaughter, first of heart, then of spirit and finally of soul...all in the name of love...but I MOST DEFINITELY AM...a major lynchpin which holds this horrorshow together and keeps the weedguru waters flowing. And as this lynchpin, it is my duty, to demand of you, attention and adherence to the following rules, which I am sure that any able minded and able hearted creature, will both agree with and respect, for their own benefit, and that of the others who frequent the forums...

1. Obvious racism will be deleted, and the member given at the very least a warning, perhaps a straight ban, Ip and all, depending on the severity of their ignorance.

2. Obvious flaming, for nothing more than the sake of mistaking a piece of weedguru for a patch of high ground where you can lay down some lightning...will be met with a warning, then suspension or ban. I do not mean at all that lively debate is not permitted, because I proactively promote this. I mean...obvious attempts to piss people off.

3. advertising, of any kind, for any commercial interests. Which includes sending spam messages to other members as well as posting such bullshit on the forums will be dealt with abruptly and severely.

4. The admin and moderator team have the Right to remove ANY posts they deem inappropriate. By all means, if you see something of your making suddenly lost in the abyss, feel free to ask me or any of the mods WHY?...though I assume, that in most cases, the answer will be already known to all concerned.

5. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION, before making a post. If you have a serious point to make, then its truly worth checking first, to see if such a post has already been made. You may even find your originally intended post affected by what has already been written on the subject previously, opening new doors of enquiry, for you as well as others who thereafter read your efforts.

warm regards,
Animal and the moderator team.


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