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Weedguru's Guides and Tutorials

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Weedguru's Guides and Tutorials

Marijuana Smoking Information

General Marijuana Information

What is Marijuana and What are It's Effects?
Common Marijuana Myths and Facts
The Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp
The Many Uses of Hemp
Weed, Hash, Hash Oil, Kief, Soapbar, Resin and Grit Weed
Laced Marijuana
Marijuana Terminology
History of Marijuana
What Does 420 Mean?
Legal Information
Marijuana Tolerance Break
Why Doesn't Marijuana Get Me High Anymore?
What You Should Know About Moldy Marijuana

Purchasing Marijuana/Quality and Quantity

15 Rules Everybody Needs to Know Before Purchasing Weed
Worldwide Guide To Marijuana Prices, Spots & Legalization Status
Tips on How to Find Bud in a New/Unknown Area
Ways To Know If You Bought Good Weed or Bad Weed
Buying Marijuana - Weight, Size and Quantity
10 Types of Drug Dealers

Smoking Marijuana

What is Smoking Pot Really Like?
The Complete Guide to Rolling
Everything About Pipes, Bongs and other Smoking Devices
The 3 Levels of Getting High
How to Inhale Correctly
20 Annoying Things You Should Never Do When Smoking
The Official Lighter Guide

Eating Marijuana

Eating Marijuana
Marijuana Recipes

Hiding Your Marijuana Use

Masking the Smell of Marijuana
Hiding it From Your Parents
The Ultimate Guide to Smoking In Your Dorm Room
Carrying and Hiding Your Weed
Hiding Weed in Your Car
25 Tips How Not To Get Caught With Marijuana
Make a Toilet Paper Roll Sploof
Make a Soda Bottle Sploof
Make Your Own Book Safe

Smoking Fun

Weed Smoking Tricks

Rolling Information


Choosing The Right Rolling Paper
Rolling Papers - A Guide For Beginner's
Difference Between Blunts and Blunt Wraps
Blunts - A Guide For Beginner's

General Rolling Information

What is a Roach and How do I Make One?
Grinding Your Weed
Rolling Machines

Rolling Joints

The Ingredients of a Joint
Helpful Joint Rolling Tips (FAQ)
How to Roll a Basic Joint
How to Roll a Joint Using "The Pen Method"
How to Roll an L-Skin Joint
How to Roll a Double Skin Joint
How To Roll A Joint Out Of A Cigarette
How to Roll a Joint Using a Dollar Bill and Cassette Case
How to Roll a Flaming Backflip Joint
Advanced Rolling Techniques (Tulip, Crossroads, Windmill etc)
What Is a 1st 2nd, 3rd...Generation Joint?

Rolling Blunts

How To Roll A Dutch Masters Blunt
How to Roll a Phillies Blunt
How to Roll a Swisher Sweets Cigarillo Blunt
How to Roll With a Blunt Wrap

Smoking Devices 101


Common Smoking Devices
Cleaning Your Pipe and Bong
Everything You Need to Know About Pipes
Everything You Need To Know About Bongs
Everything You Need To Know About Gravity Bongs
Everything You Need To Know About Hookahs
Everything You Need To Know About Vaporizers
Everything You Need To Know About Hot Knives

Homemade Devices

Making a Homemade Pipe
Making a Homemade Bong
Making a Homemade Gravity Bong
Making a Homemade Vaporizer
Making a Homemade Hookah
Homemade Fruit Pipes and Bongs
How to Make a Lung[/size]

Growing Marijuana

An Introduction to Cannabis Growing

Marijuana Growing - The Decision
Cultivators Vocabulary
Grow Room Lighting Terms Defined
Indica, Sativa or Ruderalis?
Choosing Marijuana Seeds and Strains
Marijuana Potency

Indoor and Outdoor Growth

The Life Cycle of The Cannabis Plant
Indoor Growing Guide For Beginners
Indoor Security Tips for Marijuana Growers
Oudoor Security Tips for Marijuana Growers
Outdoor Grow Guide
A Gardener's Guide to Frost
Growing Auto-Flowering Plants
Marijuana Watering Tips
Pre-Harvest and Nutrient Flushing of Marijuana Plants

Vegetative Growth & Flowering Cycle

Types of Growing Mediums
Vegetative Growth & Flowering
Cutting and Rooting Clones
Determing The Sex of Marijuana Plants
Transplanting Marijuana Plants
Re-Vegging Marijuana Plants After Harvest
What is Stretch and How Can I Minimize It?
Temperature, Humidity and Plant Growth


Nutrition For Marijuana Grown in Soil
Using pH and EC Meters
17 Essentiel Elements (Marijuana Nutrition)
Foliar Feeding
Organics For Beginners
Organic Fertilzers and Soil Amendments Chart

Harvest, Drying and Curing

Harvest, Drying & Curing Techniques
Manicuring Cannabis 101
Storing Your Dried Buds
Water Curing Explained
Trichomes 101
What You Should Know About Moldy Marijuana

Training Techniques

Topping Cannabis Plants
Pruning Cannabis Plants
Root Pruning
An Overview of Cannabis Training Techniques
Low Stress Training (Lst, sCRog)
High Stress Training (Topping, FIM, Super-cropping)
Sea of Green (SOG)
Vertical Grow Systems (V-Scrog)
Shelf Growing
Monster Cropping
Growing a Bonsai Mother Plant

Garden and Plant Troubleshooting

10 Biggest Mistakes Growers Make...
Detering Deer, Rodents and Other Critters
Identifying and Eliminating Insect and Fungi Infestations
Nutrient Deficiences and Plant Abuse

Grow Room Setup

Grow Room Setup For Beginners
Grow Room Electrical Safety
Lighting For Marijuana Growth
Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL'S)
Grow Room Odor Control
Grow Room Ventilation
CO2 Enrichment Guide
Reflective Materials For The Grow Room

Do-It-Yourself Projects

How to Build an Odorless Bud Drier
DIY Lightproof Zipper Door
DIY Stealth Grow Box
How to Build a PC Grow Box
How to Build a Refrigerator Grow Box
Cheap and Easy Macro Carbon Filter
Building a Carbon Scrubber For Dummies
How to Make a 5 Gallon Bucket Carbon Filter
Super Stealthy Rubbermaid Tub Grow Box
Easy Cool Tube Step-by-Step
Cheap Do-It-Yourself Reflector
Clone Machine Step-by-Step in Detail


Hydroponics Explained
DIY Hydroponic Sytems
Marijuana Aeroponics Overview

Prescription and Street Drugs Guide

Depressants (Downers)

(Brand names and Geneneric names)

Ambien - (Zolpidem)
Ativan - (Lorazepam)
Codeine - (Methylmorphine)
Demerol - (Meperidine)
Dilaudid - (Hydromorphone hydrochloride)
GHB - (Gamma hydroxybutyrate)
Heroin - (Diacetylmorphine)
OxyContin - (OxyCodone)
Percocet - (Oxycodone and acetaminophen)
Valium - (Diazepam)
Vicodin - (Hydrocodone and acetaminophen)
Xanax - (Alprazolam)

Stimulants (Uppers)

2CB , 2C-I - (Phenethylamine)
Adderall - (Dextroamphetamine)
Crystal Meth - (Methamphetamine)
Ecstasy - (MDMA)
Ritalin - (Methylphenidate)
Speed - Amphetamines


LSD - (Lysergic acid diethylamide)
DXM - (Dextromethorphan)
Magic Mushrooms - (Psilocybin)
Nitrous Oxide
PCP - (Phencyclidine)
Peyote - Mescaline



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