High CBD vape causing high blood pressure?

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High CBD vape causing high blood pressure?

Post by Inhell54 »

I started with Medical Marijuana about a year ago and did fine very early on with High CBD (20/1) vape cartridges (can't smoke the flower) made from indica strains. I slept like a baby, my migraines cut in half until my supplier stopped making the 20 CBD to 1 part TCH and the best he can do for me is a 3/1 indica of CBD. I've tried other suppliers. All they carry is hemp oil CBD, it doesn't work the same.

Since I started using the 3/1 I've noticed gradually over the past few months that my blood pressure has been steadily increasing. My heart is pounding in my ears! My migraines are almost back to what they were. I can't think of anything else that has changed in the same time period that may cause my heart to pound, my blood pressure to shoot up(haha), and to get the night sweats. I even get nap sweats, if I vape in the middle of the day for a migraine.

I've looked everywhere and can't find any information about any correlation to blood pressure for any strain of MJ. And wouldn't think an Indica would do that anyway! I do not do Sativa ever, or anything with high TCH count.

I thought I'd look for someone who knows more than the average published research - A GURU! Amazing, I found this sight! IS there a guru out there who can help me?

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Re: High CBD vape causing high blood pressure?

Post by cutthecashflow »

Smoking in general leads to constriction of the arteries. Vaping (tobacco) has been shown to be more harmful than smoking (tobacco). I’m not sure if this can be cross correlated with marijuana or not.

Personally I prefer edibles as the way to ingest marijuana, it’s non toxic to the lungs and I believe it is healthier for you than calling or smoking.
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