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Super Skunk Grow Log - Updated With Pictures

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 4:36 pm
by Halibu_Hoodrat
Hey all. My mom busted me for my last effort at growing, but I've got another one going now, and I'm successfully keeping it low-key. The plants are about a week sprouted now, and they're pretty robust. One plant is under a 25W 1100 lumen warm white fluorescent, and the other two have one 13W 600 lumen soft white fluorescent each. I'm going to get two more of the 1100 lumen lights, because the 600 lumen bulbs just aren't sufficient. I've only got pictures on my cell phone right now, but I'll soon get a hold of my mom's digital camera, and take a few pictures to post.

If I get any males, I'm going to let the females be pollinated, and that way I'll have lots of seeds for next time around. If I get say, 1 male, is there any way I could turn it into a hermaphrodite too, while at the same time pollinating the females?

As promised, some pics of the three plants.

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 8:10 pm
by Halibu_Hoodrat
In these pics, they're 6 days old.


I'll keep you guys updated frequently, unless my mom catches me again... lol.

The plant in the middle (in the pinkish pot) got a little screwed up, and it's a little behind the other two. After I germinated the seeds, I planted and watered them. I watered them out of a wide-mouthed vase, instead of a watering can, and it washed up the soil a bit when I was pouring it. When this plant sprouted, it was literally at the very edge of the pot. I had to carefully remove it and replant it in the middle of the pot.

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2007 12:17 am
by Jay212
your plant looks so much different than mine, but at the same time they look almost the exact same right now.

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2007 3:31 pm
by Halibu_Hoodrat
Some parts of the stalks are turning purple. Is this a bad thing? I remember in somebody else's grow log, they had said that when their plants were dying the stalks were purple. Or, could it just be a genetic thing? My outdoor plants from last year had a lot of purple on the stalks, and it was Super Skunk as well.

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 1:24 pm
by Halibu_Hoodrat
Update: I just switched to 12/12, and I'm going to upgrade to a 150W HPS. I'm also going to get a 150W MH for the next generation of vegetative. I'm planning on building myself a homemade water culture hydro system. I'll be growing 10 or so plants at once, and cloning instead of starting from seed. I'll be sure to update with some pictures of the new setup when it all comes into place.

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:48 pm
by xNubletx
From my experience, growing from seed is half the fun! But I have little experience.

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 3:39 am
by Jim777
if u get purple leafs and shit just raise your temp a lil bit higher