NORML-working to reform marijuana laws

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NORML-working to reform marijuana laws

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The National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws.

An extremely useful site promoting Truth about the holy herb and doing more than most to strongarm the nazis in power to reform their draconian drug laws.

Definately worth checking out.

(sorry CTCF that it has taken so long to even get this far. It was a very useful and relevant suggestion to add the banners to the forums and I will attempt, in the future of course, to display a link or two on the main site somewhere but only when I work out How!!)

My mind was jolted when reading this paragraph in 'better than sex' but HST...
'I was a national director of NORML in those years, and I had constant access to the best hashish and marijuana in the world. I had Santa Marta Gold and Black Lebenese and Khmer Rouge bud-sticks and crystal mescaline and bongs full of pure crank, DMT and even jimson weed, from time to time...I was very well connected, as they say, and I understood that my karma was to share my wealth'

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