Soda Bottle Sploof

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Soda Bottle Sploof

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Soda Bottle Sploof

So I'm sure we've all seen tons of different variations on spoofs [devices to filter the smell of smoke]; some are effective, some aren't, most are pretty grungy. Anyways, this is a design I came up with that is defined by a few key characteristics that make it awesome-

-Constructed from readily available waste [20oz coke bottles] and materials [tape + dryer sheets]

-Maximum interior volume fits tons of dryer sheets for an effective, long lasting filter that isn't so dense it stops you from exhaling normally

-Mouthpiece is small, not all slobbery and gross like cardboard tubes or anything that fits "around" the lips

-Ends of sploof taper, so dryer sheets tend to stay in the middle of the chamber, away from user's lips

-Exhaust is also incredibly small, so filtered smoke can be directed out a window or into a vent, as opposed to coming out in a cloud like with a large exhaust

-Design is symmetrical, so once the dryer sheets are significantly depleted on one side, the device can be flipped for better filtration


-2 20oz plastic soda bottles
-packing/scotch tape
-5+ dryer sheets



[1] Cut the base off of both coke bottles using your knife. The incisions should run evenly around the circumference, about 0.5" below the label where the bottle tapers slightly.
[2] Cut a slit up the label of one of the bottles, to accomodate the other bottle inside.
[3] Pressure fit the two pieces together. With a good cut, it is possibly to make them almost airtight just by fit.
[4] Wrap tape around the middle of the sploof to seal the slit, should it leak profusely.
[5] Stuff in dryer sheets.



two halves together, slit visibly splitting "nutrition facts"


Finished spoof


Happy tokin!


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