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Hiding Your Habit From Your Parents

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:37 pm
by Weedguru Higher
Hiding Your Habit From Your Parents
By TrailerParkBoy

Okay this is for all the people that live with parents that won't allow them to smoke weed. I have a fool proof guide so that you won't get caught.


1. To start off give marijuana a code name. A good one I use is "Marcus". When your talking on the phone with your friend and you want to ask him to smoke weed with you, you simply say, "Want to hang out with Marcus today"? That way if a parent was listening in on your conversation they won't know what your talking about.

2. Before you go to smoke make sure you won't be going home for a good 3 hours that way, it will have worn off a bit.

3. If you're wearing a jacket/hoody/sweater take it off when you smoke and put it on after you're done. This helps cover up the smell.

4. In the summer always wear sunglasses. This helps big time. But if one day you randomly wear sunglasses your parents might wonder why, so make it a habit to wear them when you go out. (incase your stupid I will explain. Sunglasses cover up the bags under your eyes, the redness and slanted eyes).

5. Bring axe or tag along with you. Never spray somebody elses stuff on you unless its an emergency. I once made the mistake of doing that and my mom wondered why I needed to spray somebody elses spray on me. Alternatively walk around for a good 20 minutes, which should get rid of the smell.

6. Always wash your hand after your done smoking. Or you can rub grass or leaves on your hands, it helps cover the smell.

7. Buy visine. That is a must, it gets rid of the red fast and helps open up your sealed eyes.

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8. Put your pipe in a bag to help cover the stinky resin smell. And avoid keeping it in a pocket wear your parents might notice the buldge and want to know what it is.

9. This is a big one. NO MATTER HOW FUN IT SOUNDS never smoke indoors. I made this mistake once and got busted. The smell lingers around in the house for days after.

10. Find a safe spot to smoke it even if you have to walk a bit. Don't settle for out in the alley. Make sure the spot isn't around houses or busy parks. Also pick a spot where you can make a break for it fast and easy.

11. Have a good story planned out before, so that when your parents ask you what you did that night/day you will be ready.

12. Have a good place to stash your weed. A good place I have found is to hollow out a deoderant container and keep the lid. You can stash bags and small pipes in it easy then put it at the bottem of a drawer and nobody will ever know.

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13. Make eye contect. As hard as it may seem they will be more suspicious if you don't make it at all.

14. If your parents ask you if your high deny, deny, deny there isn't any way they can really prove you have been smoking so just deny it. Or say you were drinking depending on whether or not you're allowed or not. Another good thing to say is that you don't feel good.

15. If you really want to smoke, but not to go home high, have a sleepover with a friend, sneak out, smoke it, and sneak back in and enjoy not getting caught.

16. Take a breathmint or gum with you when you're smoking. i have noticed that it stays on your breath the longest.

17. Lastly if you're afraid your going to get busted, just wait for another time.

Follow this guide and you won't get caught. ... p?t=175892

Re: Hiding Your Habit From Your Parents

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 8:51 pm
by Blunt Docta
WTF GROM!!!!!!!!! :ohjeez:

Re: Hiding Your Habit From Your Parents

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:11 pm
by vapornation
all u really need are clear eyes to make u look sober. and if you smoked a blunt/joint makes sure to spray yourself. thats all u need not all these little steps

Re: Hiding Your Habit From Your Parents

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:13 am
by omnific.dc
Mentally..I'm capable.