Why Doesn't Marijuana Get Me High Anymore?

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Why Doesn't Marijuana Get Me High Anymore?

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Why Doesn't Marijuana Get Me High Anymore?


It's not that I don't get high anymore, I just don't get the same kind of high. I remember last year when I was hanging out with my old friends I used to smoke a blunt and get a yellow glaze over my eyes, and they'd get so bloodshot they'd look like they had a red grid on them. I'd get to the state where I would have a hard time comprehending the Wendy's menu enough to order (because a number 9 was a 10 peice chicken nugget). Now I can smoke a 40 and only feel relaxed. It's weird because I didn't notice the same difference between a year and 2 years ago. Lately, I've been missing the kind of high that I used to get... alot. Seriously, if the $40 eighth (yes, it's expensive) I buy next month doesn't get me blazed, I'm going to stop smoking weed so I can run longer... but I was wondering, why I haven't been getting as high. I know the stuff that I used to get wasn't laced because it never made my mouth numb, and there's no way that the weed was that much better (it's like a completely different high now), so, I figure I must be getting immune to it or semi-immune. I'd like to know the physiological reason why this happens, in full detail if at all possible. For example, which cells are responsible, what process do they perform, what is responsible for the initiation of these processes, et cetera. Basically I want to conceptualise the reason why I've become more tolerant of weed.

Cannabis binds to endogenous cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Like other such receptors, continued stimulation of the receptor would lead to either desensitization or down regulation (decreased stimulation or reduction in number), affecting the quality of the stimulation experienced.

For one thing there are no standards when it comes to weed. You can hardly expect 2 batches of weed to have the same effect. Grow your own marijuana plants for comparision, growing is fun and cannabis seeds are easy to buy online.

Your cannabinoid receptors become desensitized when exposed to their ligand for a prolongued period of time. There are two recognized forms of desensitization: 1) homologous desensitization, in which the activated GPCR is downregulated and 2) heterologous desensitization, where the activated GPCR causes downregulation of a different GPCR. The key reaction of this downregulation is the phosphorylation of the intracellular (or cytoplasmic) receptor domain by protein kinases.

Three interrelated factors come to mind:


Quality: Obviously, not all the product that comes your way is good enough to melt your ass to the sofa. I remember the first time I smoked ATF weed ("Alaska ThunderF@ck") I thought I had found Paradise. For a while, I was disappointed that nothing else could get me that high. And then, through different connections, I found some really good melt-your-ass weed. These days, I don't see the point of smoking dirt weed; we grow enough good stuff around Seattle that I actually hear people complaining about Beaster (BC, Canada) imports. And this complaint is absurd; not only do our neighbors to the north keep us smoking when the cops are busting local operations, they do it with fine, kind product. That it's biker bud (partially compacted for transport via Harleys) is just part of what comes with the industry. (Mexican weed, by the time it reaches the Seattle market, is useless.)

Tolerance: You do build a tolerance to marijuana. Some of it, I would imagine, is a chemical thing; you'll build a tolerance to most drugs you put in your system. But some of it is...
Click Here for more about tolerance

Permastone: Many people don't notice when they hit permastone. I missed it, and it was something I looked forward to. Perhaps my attention is the only reason I noticed it at all, but there comes a point when, even sober, you look at the world as if you were stoned. No, you don't walk around with permanently bleary eyes, or the smarmy stoner grin ironed onto your face, but your perspective adjusts, and the stoner's sense of absurdity creeps into your sober outlook. Things I used to overlook when I was sober now stand out as significant. Sometimes this can be the awful hair or fulsome words of a cable-news talking head; sometimes it's the grandeur of the clouds or the majesty of the trees; often, it's the humor of disaster. (Consider the old Carlin joke about the South American roller-coaster.) To the one, humanity seems quite alien from this perspective; to the other, it's easier to laugh instead of gnash my teeth when I hear President Bush's voice.

All these and more conspire to reduce the stony perception about smoking dope. My advice is to take a couple weeks off, and when you return to the market, make sure you're getting knockout weed. You'll notice the difference.

As a short note, consider environmental and social factors as well. I prefer to be stoned for concerts, but it's not the same experience as listening to good tunes with only a few other stoners around. To the other, if I were to hang out with a country-western crowd, or in a pop club spinning Top 40 remixes, I don't think there are enough drugs in the city to make it feel right.

Well, I usually stop consuming cannabis for a month or so, and then the high comes back again as if it was my first time ever. So, the body can get used to the THC, because the THC receptors get less sensitive with continuous contact with the molecule. But I don´t think this is permanet, by personal experience.

copied from http://www.1stmarijuanagrowerspage.com/ ... ed-to.html


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