Homemade HPS Reflector

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Homemade HPS Reflector

Post by Weedguru Higher » Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:19 pm

Homemade HPS reflector for under $10 USD
By slowhand - (Overgrow Save)

Hi folks:

I don't think this is a new idea but here is how I did my homemade reflector for my kit-made HPS.

All you need is a metal mail-box and a few basic tools:

-cheap metal mailbox ($5)
-drill and bits
-pop rivet gun
-tin snips
- Can of 'Rustoleum' Chrome paint ($4)

Lets start with a shot of the dis-assembled mailbox.


I had already made my first cuts when it occured to me to record the process for others......this box was just "press-riveted"... I poped the seams apart with a flat screwdriver, tapping slightly at the seams....the "cut" part is simply the bottom of the mailbox. The half-round end piece is made from this part. ..edit by Left Nut


Notice in the above pic...... I was already cutting the end piece for the reflector from the bottom piece of the mailbox. I slightly opened up the mailbox, altering the curve to an appropriate shape... then I just placed the hood on the endpiece and traced out the cut line with a majic marker.

Notice I cut LARGER than the marked line to leave some lip edge to use for attaching the end piece... now cut "ears" into the lap edge and fold every other one down and fit the end to the top as shown...


Next fasten the end to the hood with rivets....by first securing the end piece to the hood with spring clamps and then drilling the pilot holes through the bent down tabs and the hood... Insure there is a "tight" fit, leaving no gap between the end piece and the hood.


Now secure with pop rivets...

Please notice that I have already "located" my 5KV socket in the end piece and predrilled the holes...


Now use pliers to "fold" over the remaining edges...... as shown. It may be necessary to trim the "tab" in order for it to fit correctly over the lip on the relfector (one end of the mailbox will have a lip... be sure to use it on the correct end!)


...and continue all the way around...


The finished metalwork...

PLEASE notice that I left two of the un-bent tabs straight out and trimmed them to have rounded edges... these will be my "hangpoints"...


Now outdoors for a couple of coats...... of Rust-o-leum "Chrome" paint on the "inside" surfaces. It is very bright and shiny...


After painting.......attach the fixture. Notice I taped the metal edge of the hole that the wires pass through.. this will prevent the rough metal edge from cutting into the wires.....pls note Spliffco's suggestion posted below for this step. Obviously, there are better things to use than just tape... use a grommet, as Spliff suggests.... edit by Left Nut


Now attach the chain to the hangpoints......my box already had a hole in the refector in the top center at the far end.... Allows for a perfect "3-point" hold for stability. Play with chain-length to the front edge of the reflector to get the proper "angle" when holding it in the hanging position ....as shown....




...also note that the main cord from the ballast is attached to the housing with a plastic strain-relief (available in the electonics section) and screwed down firmly.

This will prevent any accidental jerks to the more fragile wire connections. I have not yet done it, but I plan to attach a small metal junciton box to the outside of the reflector to contain all of the exposed wire connectors.


Action Shot! Look at the difference!!!!.. before, the top half of the closet was just as bright as you now see it at the bottom.... all those lumens just bouncing around up there doing nothing....

Now, lookee here.... efficiency!!!! The girls SHOWED me immediately how much THEY approved of the upgrade, .....mucho more frost!

This concludes the plans... feel free to modify and customize ... milage may vary.

cheers and lumens,


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