Victorian Flames And An Eye For An Eye

World Summary
Here in Melbourne, people are still counting the cost of the dead and destroyed after forest fires razed several townships to the ground, consumed 700 homes and slaughtered 150+ humans and scores more of non-human creatures, last weekend, beginning with Saturday’s insidious 45C heatwave. Unforunately, it appears that some of the fires were lit by arsonists, who, if found, will be charged with mass murder…it reminds me of a time from my childhood when I was knocking about with a local thug called Neil who developed a repulsive, and alarming fierceness in his eyes, whenever he set something alight. On one occasion, I almost got savaged by two large dogs because of Neil’s penchant for flames, as he started a blaze in a bunch of huge haybails, where we had been smoking a bong, enjoying the summer evening warmth, but growing bored. The first I knew of trouble was the Landrover approaching fast from behind me, and then I heard the dogs…I fled like a man facing his imminent demise and managed to hurdle a few fences before the bloodhounds could maul me. Its a terrible act to destroy another’s property through fire. But its an unforgivably heinous act to start fires which kill and destroy lives. Its hellish to ponder what some people, generally damaged people, will do for attention or amusement. It makes me revisit the idea, in my mind, that people are born with a good or bad slant to their soul, as every single horrific act committed by a human being cannot be explained through looking at their upbringing, their blood parents or their physiology. Born Bad…Like Neil, who since those golden, innocent, days, has gone onto to star as the prime supsect in not only a nasty case of arson, but also, a muder investigation. A shark never loses it’s teeth…or its need to bite.

A Victorian wildlife ranger offers liquid salvation to a koala whose home was obliterated by recent bushfires…(above)

How would you feel if you lost someone close to you to the sadistic devil claws of a psychopath? What would you want to do, and feel was right to do, if you caught the villain responsible? Are you a subscriber to the eye for an eye, leg for a leg routine? If so, you are advised to consider Iran as an environment aligned with your punitive mind. In late December a man was sentenced, by the official courts, to EYES BURNED OUT WITH ACID.

They awarded this sinister punishment after the accused was proven guilty of throwing acid into the eyes of woman who had failed to agree to any of his repeated proposals of marriage. His attack was revenge for her stubbornness. Perhaps he thought stubbornness, but looking back now, over the facts of the case, she was in her right mind not to accept. However, he burnt her face, especially her eyes, horribly, then got arrested, and accepted the charge. His explanation for the malicious crime was flimsy; he had assumed that because he wanted her, she automatically belonged to him in some way. Rough but fair justice. It doesn’t help the victim, but it may deter future men of a similar inclination to think twice, and perhaps pull back, before committing such a gruesome act of cruelty. My girlfriend thinks its a great thing, a righteous thing. And I can see the appeal of a set of laws which deter more would-be killers, slashers, rapists etc etc…but what do the Iranians do with rapists?Have them raped? By whom, women or men?Perhaps they use other rapists to rape rapists?…It is important to add some balance, to this brief expose of the Sharia law system imposed by the ruling Iranian mentalists; because its not all fun and games. The age of sexual consent for a female is 9 years old, which is a recipe for disaster when you add in more men who assume women are their’s just because they want them. Take 16-year old girl Atefah Sahaaleh for example, who was sentenced to execution by the Iranian judge, Haji Rezai, after been convicted of :

“acts incompatible with chastity”.

A 51 year taxi driver, married with children, got hold of the luckless Atefah when she was 13 years old. The police were notified, she was arrested, and despite reports from medical staff indicating clearly that the youngster suffered from psychological problems, and the real hint of RAPE rising from the case like a foul stench, they convicted, sentenced and executed her. This not only sickens me profoundly, but also contravenes UN international law which clearly states that no country can execute a human below the age of 18…Its another world over there, far removed from everything I believe in, and while I won’t generalize and slander the Iranians as a heartless gang of fanatical extremists thriving under the draconian rule of Arab-fascists, because I know they are not, having befriended several adorable Iranian folk over the last few years, its obvious that their way of life is too horrible and lacking wisdom for me to ever venture into their society unarmed. I don’t have to respect such barbarism, and neither do you. Thankfully…

To add some much needed tenderness to proceedings…Five new species of seahorse have been recently discovered frolicking in the the shallows of the Red Sea and Indonesian waters…All of the aquatic horse fairies measure below an inch in height and rank amongst the smallest known vertebrates

Pygmy seahorse

And finally, an image of the madness lying in outer-space…


Its Nebula NGC2392, affectionately known to astronomers as Eskimo, apparently because it resembles a ‘face surrounded by a hairy hood’…I can’t see that myself, but can marvel at the deranged beauty of the monster, which lies 5000 light years away from Mother Earth, dying powerfully, but slowly, comets of light and matter hurtling away from the epicentre of a Dead Zone which is likely to explode within the next 1000 years…

Quotes of the Day
“The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.”(Charles Bukowski)

““America… just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.” (Hunter S Thompson)

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