Ming And The Rat Army

World Summary…
The dalai lama has spoken out against the chinese occupation of his homeland, on the eve of the anniversary of the 1959 tibetan uprising which was crushed after three bloody years. The buddhist man-god talked of life in Tibet as a ‘hell on earth’ for his tibetan brethren. He asked why China is not prepared to enter into dialogue over a plan which allows Tibet to recognize chinese sovereignty of their land, but remain an autonomous state. The response from Beijing to the comments and memorial period for the Tibetans, was to re-assert their reality…

foreign ministry spokesman, Ma Zhaoxu, said :

“The Dalai Lama clique is confusing right and wrong. They are spreading rumours. The democratic reforms [under Chinese rule] are the widest and most profound reforms in Tibetan history,”

On one hand the Dalia Lama is damning China for their slaughter of “hundreds of thousands” during the 1959-62 uprising, but also accepting that for Tibet to be in any way liberated they must recognize chinese soveriegnty. There is no counterpart to the Dalai Lama in the Chinese Communist Party. The nearest who could possibly understand him well enough to create a platform for meaningful dialogue would be the Office responsible for the death of dreams. No comment from them has been forthcoming…The Chinese government, interpet the events of 1959-62 as something very different, something prettier, more honourable…

“China says its troops freed Tibetans from effective slavery in a feudal society. It is planning to mark 28 March – the day in 1959 on which the Communist Party dissolved the existing local government in Tibet – as Serfs’ Emancipation Day. ” (BBC.co.uk)

It must be a double slap in the face for the Tibetans to have their arch enemies mark one of their darkest days in recent history, with a celebration.

“Come now, Lama. Smile for the cameras before I feed you to the fuckin wolves” sneers Ming the Merciless, while ‘accompanying’ the Dala Lamai to the dungeons.

Sticking with the region, but turning the tables for once on the Chinese…Last week, a 20 year old chinaman was mauled by a Siberian Tiger, after picking a poor short-cut for his hiking route. Accompanied by two friends, Mr Guo ignored the signposts stating very clearly ‘DANGER- PREDATORY ANIMALS’, cutting through the grounds of a wildlife park near Beijing. The group had decided it was safe by mixing up

‘we cant see any dangerous animals, but maybe they are hiding, watching and waiting for the right moment to strike’


‘we cant see any dangerous animals so there aren’t any’.

This turned out to be a fatal error, when the siberian tiger, known to his human guardians as ‘BamBam’, emerged silently from the bushes and sunk his teeth into mr Guo’s throat. Death came likely quickly…His friends ran. The park guards were forced to use a jeep to harass BamBam into dropping the limp, part decapitated body…Siberian Tigers are amongst the most critically endangered species on the planet, with only 400 estimated to be living wild. There is a dark hint of poetry rising from this story of one of the rarest creatures killing one of the most common.

Weedguru Rats

Rats. The much malligned Rat organization are a global emblem for vermin and disease. I see them at night, whilst strolling through the park, and these bastards can swim. Oscar goes wild with wolverine heat when he smells their offensive foul scent in the cool dark air and I am left in no doubt that he would like nothing more than the chance to kill every rat in the city…The Indian police of Haryana, however, values the Rat more warmly than my dog, and has several of the rodents in their employ to aid their fight against a plague of mice which has been causing damage to official records and police evidence.

After failing to rid their offices of mice using more common, conventional methods, the police turned to the Rats, bringing in two domesticated whites to protect the premises…
“It is working like magic. My men have been releasing them in the Maalkhana every night and the pests have just disappeared.”, said the senior superintendent of Karnal (Haryana), Arshinder Singh Chawla.

Quotes of the Day (Jean Genet, pictured above)

A great wind swept over the ghetto, carrying away shame, invisibility and four centuries of humiliation. But when the wind dropped people saw it had been only a little breeze, friendly, almost gentle.

I recognize in thieves, traitors and murderers, in the ruthless and the cunning, a deep beauty – a sunken beauty.

What I did not yet know so intensely was the hatred of the white American for the black, a hatred so deep that I wonder if every white man in this country, when he plants a tree, doesn’t see Negroes hanging from its branches.

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