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Weedguru_asmodeus and weedguru_animal have worked hard and smoked a forest of skunk in order to bring this website to the world.

We did not make the site with the aim of making money, we made the site to try build a worldwide stoner community where stoners from all over the planet could connect. Now we have such a diversity of members and views and ages, our original dream is becoming reality.

The site costs us a fair amount of money to keep running each year, and we are receiving calls (from members) to expand the band-width to give the forums more space each month. We would sincerely like to do this, but we can’t do it on our own as we are both paupers.

We ask our members to make a voluntary contribution to to help with running costs and to support an expansion of the bandwidth. Donations really would be your way of contributing to keeping the site online and flourishing. So please, give as little or as much as you can when you can.

Hope that everyone enjoys the site.

Kind regards

Weedguru_Animal & Weedguru_Asmodeus

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