General Cannabis Information


Cannabis comes from a plant known as cannabis sativa. Hash, the commonest form in this country, is resin scraped from the plant and compressed into blocks. Herbal cannabis (or marijuana) is another. Generally, it’s mixed with tobacco, rolled into a cigarette and smoked. The effects sought after are caused by THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. The THC level in wild cannabis is a low 0.5 percent, although certain varieties have had levels of 20 percent THC.

Method of intake:

Cannabis is either eaten or smoked.

What it does to you:

Short term:
Cannabis gives people feelings of euphoria, well-being and humour aswell as relaxed inhibitions. The short term negative effects are hunger (named the munchies), short term memory loss, shortened breath, increase in heart rate, less active hormones, slowed thought, loss of coordination, abnormal brain waves and bloodshot eyes Inexperienced people using high doses, or taking it when anxious or depressed, may sometimes experience panic. Cannabis takes effect very quickly. If it’s mixed with a drink or food, however, it is difficult to know how much has gone into the body. This can be very distressing, especially if alcohol is involved.

Long term:
Like tobacco, frequently inhaled cannabis smoke could cause bronchitis and other breathing disorders. It may also lead to lung cancer, especially when smoked with tobacco. Cannabis has not been proven addictive, but users could come to rely on it as a way of feeling more relaxed socially.

Tests regarding the addictiveness of cannabis have proved inconclusive, and therefore is regarded as very low risk for both mental and physical addictiveness.

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