Why Marijuana is so popular…

Marijuana has many effects on the body and more importantly on the mind. While not trying to imply that using the drug is good in a health sense for your body, it would be unfair to list the negative health effects without giving an opposing argument for the enjoyment of the effects of the drug. So we have listed the most common mental and physical effects associated with marijuana use. There are reasons why this drug is one of most widely used in the world, and they are listed below.

Of course it depends how you take the drug and what variety of the drug you use, but there are almost default feelings that are associated with marijuana usage. The effects are also different for first time users in comparison to the feelings enjoyed by a more habitual user.

The main area of your body that is affected by marijuana is your mind and therefore your senses. Time appears to move more slowly, you generally feel more relaxed and less bothered about things in general. Most people become more open-minded towards other people and their ideas, and your tendency toward laughing increases dramatically (sometimes at the most ridiculous things!). Laughing seems far more natural than usual, this is one of the most common and sought after effects of the drug. You feel generally a lot more amiable to those around you whether close friends or mild acquaintances.

Your senses are all heavily affected. Music seems many times more crisp, clear and defined. It has been described like having your ears fully opened, feeling the music as well as hearing it. What your eyes see can be enhanced on occasions whereby anything you watch or see that is visually impressive will appear even more amazing to you.

A sense of inertia seems to envelop your body, not in an uncomfortable way, but in a ‘cant be too bothered to move very far’ kind of way. You can sit in the same chair for hours!

Sex is enhanced whilst under the influence of marijuana, with your body been far more sensitive to touch in certain areas.

Some people have experienced hallucinations when a large quantity or a strong variety of marijuana is consumed; these hallucinations can vary hugely. Some of the stronger strains of potent marijuana have been known to make people lose control of their sense for 5 minutes or longer.

All these effects are dependent on the user and the THC (tetrahyrdocannibol) content of the marijuana. For example bog standard cannabis resin may just give you a headache and make you tired if the THC content is low, whereas smoking the skunk vairiety with a high THC content gives the user enhanced feelings.

We now have a more frank summary of the pros of the drug from a habitual smoker. We aim to give you both sides of the story, as we at weedguru do not advise using marijuana as this activity is illegal and punishable by a prison term or even death in some countries.