Recommended Activities

Weed increases many of our feelings and senses so there’s some activities that will seem extra special. I think that weed makes you relax so much that smoking gives your mind more power to concentrate on your hearing and thinking and seeing.

The following activities take advantage of this increase in mental activity, give them a go, you’ll enjoy.

1. Music.

Any music that you like normally will sound amazing when you’re caned. It’s essential to have some good tunes on throughout any smoking session.

Check out the top tunes section for our recommendations

2. Play on a Playstation.

Tekken3 been a prime example of a cool game to play when caned, and many a good few hours have we all spent trying to nail someone with a Yoshimitsu HariKari manoeuvre. The weed makes the characters come to life and some real slick moves can be achieved with skunk as your chosen substance.

Also check out the Fifa series, Muppet racing and Gran Turismo.

3. Contemplate life.

Think about the world, and what we are doing in it. Relax your mind and take time out to contemplate everything going on around you.

4. Watch a game of football.

Being stoned makes the skills of some players seem almost sublime. I’ll never forget seeing that back heel side-foot volley fly in from little Zola.

Trust me football seems even better when you’re caned.

5. Watch any series of Father Ted.

The Irish clergymen run havoc constantly over scraggy island.

Always funny however many times you see them, a perfect accompaniment to any session.

6. Music outside.

Put your Walkman on real loud and walk outside at nighttime, when it’s real dreary. The music combined with the wicked effects of green, can properly take you to another place where nothing around you matters, this is cool.

Beware of cars though.

7. Eat a nice meal.

Get the ingredients for your favourite recipe before you start smoking. Have some choice tunes on in the background while you enjoy creating a supreme dish. Smoke while the food cooks, then take great pleasure in eating something you have created from scratch.

As mentioned before weed makes nice food taste delicious.

8. Sex.

The weed without any doubt affects some cool hormones in your body, which have an effect that can only be described as a relaxed state of randiness.

Marijuana makes sex even better than usual.

9. The rizla game.

This involves 3 or more people, the more the better. Each person writes a celebrity’s name on a rizla and sticks it on someone else’s forehead. They then have to work out who they have on their own head by asking questions. Only questions that can be answered with a yes or no may be asked. The idea is for people to try and guess whom they have stuck to their forehead by help from clues given to them by the others – the last one to work it out loses. This invariably lends to people sticking the name of a celebrity who they know the foreheads owner admires or despises! Can be lots of fun.

I mean no one wants to be Vanessa Feltz, she’s fat and stupid.

10. As little as is humanely possible.

Sometimes after a period of extreme activity, it’s wicked to get sum bud, and sit down and spend an evening staring at the TV, just taking what comes on as it comes, and not thinking about too much at all.

Movies always a wicked way to liven up a dull evening.