How to Roll a Spliff

(CLick HERE to head to our rolling forums) You need:

  • A pack of skins preferably red king Rizla skins for the beginner
  • Some tobacco
  • Some weed
  • A piece of thin cardboard
  • A lighter / matches

  • Rolling guide
    1. Put the skin on a hardback book or a dish in your lap within easy reach of your hands. 2. Pull your weed apart and spread evenly over the skin.

    1. You can tear off a bit of the Rizla pack for a roach; roll it into a cylinder and put at the left end of skin. NB some people find it easier to roll with the sticky end facing you, some the other way, only by trial and error will you find which way suits you.

    2. Spread tobacco over your weed in the skin again evenly throughout you can aim for a 60(tobacco)/40(weed) mix to start with.

    1. Now pick up the skin with both hands between your thumbs and first two fingers.
    2. Using your thumb, roll the skin between your fingers trying to make a cylinder shape with it.
    3. he more evenly a cylinder you can get the better unless you want to try making the smoking end a bit fatter to go for a proper spliff look.
    4. Roll more and apply pressure to the part you wish to roll first, make the edge closest to you (if the sticky edge is furthest)catch under the opposite side of the skin. This is the only tricky bit. Once you can make one side roll into the other and wrap around itself you have the knack.
    5. When you finally get the paper to catch, wrap it around, lick the gum (the shiny sticky bit) of the paper and roll fully.
    6. Poke the smoking end (without the roach) down a bit with a pen.
    7. Twist of the end for a nice finish and light up.

    The trick of rolling is all about getting the paper to catch and wrap itself around. Once you have learned this you’ll be flying. It is very useful to buy some rolling tobacco and to practice with little skins first. Once you have mastered rolling a spliff at all you can start adjusting the shape to make some real fat spliffs.

    How to roll a blunt

    What you need:

  • A Philly cigar (available from most tobacconists)
  • A cardboard roach shaped like a zig
  • Up to 1/8th of skunk
  • A knife
  • A lighter / matches
  • Rolling Guides

    1. Cut down the length of the Philly cigar in a line.
    2. Take out all the cigar tobacco.
    3. Wet the leaf (cigar skin) with water. You can literally dip the leaf skin into a bowl of water if you like as it is quite thick/
    4. Make your roach by folding the cardboard over and then shaping into a cylinder shape about ½ inch thick and insert into an end of blunt.
    5. Apply your skunk to the leaf very generously.
    6. Roll the leaf as you would normally with a spliff.
    7. Run the lighter up and down the now cigar shaped spliff, the honey in the leaf will stick the sides together, so you are really drying with the lighter.
    8. When dry sit down, put on some cool tunes and light up.
    9. Smoke like a regular spliff and enjoy.

    The honey tasting blunt can appear weak, as you don’t feel much smoke going in to your lungs. BUT it is pure skunk smoke being drawn in so be careful as this is strong.