Instructions on making a Lung / Rats Tail

This is how to make a lung for smoking.

A Lung / Rats Tail

You need:

  • A large plastic bottle (a 2 Litre coke bottle or 6 pint milk bottle are ideal)
  • A plastic bag (Such as an empty bread bag)
  • A length of string (must be longer than your bottle)
  • Some sticky tape
  • A small piece of tinfoil
  • An elastic band (Small)
  • A knife or sharp object
  • Marijuana
  • Instructions

    1. Cut the entire bottom off the bottle near its base.
    2. Tape the open end of the plastic bag to the bottom of the bottle using the sticky tape.
    3. Pinch the end of the bag and tie the piece of string to it so that most of it hangs down
    4. Poke tiny holes in the foil with a pin.
    5. Take the top off the bottle and replace with the tin foil – which can be secured with a rubber band but be careful as it rips easly.
    6. Now push the bag all the way into the bottle so that there is as little air as possible actually contained in the bottle. Make sure that you can reach the piece of string inside the bottle.
    7. Place your marijuana on the foil and burn it, whilst simultaneously pulling the string down until the bag is completely outside of the bottle.
    8. The bottle should now be full of marijuana smoke. Remove the foil from the top of the bottle and replace with your mouth. Now push the bag bak into the bottle at the required speed.

    Another variation of this technique is to use water instead of the bag (ie fill a bath or sink up), and when burning the weed slowly pull the bottle out of the water to create the vacuum that pulls the smoke into the bottle, then push the bottle back into the water to force the smoke into your lungs. This is commonly known as a bucket.

    If you know how to make a classic Lung, tell us about it here…