A bad workman always blames his tools, but in some cases this can be true of some rolling papers. The most vital piece of a spliff, after the green of course, is the paper that you use to roll your masterpiece.

There are many different types of skins on the market, some good, some bad. Different length spliff, speciality spliffs burn-offs etc all require a good quality skin to stand any chance of success.

So here is the guide to the most popular skins on the UK market, of course if you pop into your local tobacconist you will find a plethora of paper delights. Ease of rolling increases with paper weight/width, and the gum has to be reliable else the bastard will fall apart in your hands.

1. Rizla
2. Swan
3. Zigzags
4. Rips
5. Highland Skins

1. Rizla

The mainstay of successful caning for years, they produce the best papers. Quality subtle tasting paper and ultra reliable gums.

  • Blue- Thin and light papers for the experienced caner, you don’t end up smoking much paper. The most popular choice for rolling due to its weight and lack of paper. 9/10
  • Green- Medium weight and medium paper width. A choice for all users due to their ease of use and average weight. 9/10
  • Red- Thickest and heaviest of the rizla stable, these are ideal for the beginner.8/10
  • Originals- Think these use hemp oils in the gums, which is good, similar to green weight and width..7/10
  • Liquorice- Similar to reds weight and thickness, but liquorice tasting., u can eat em if you like. 1/10
  • Wheatgerms- A rizla paper made of wheatgerm, its like rolling with bloody newspaper.5/10.
  • 2. Swan

    The gums don’t stick, the paper tastes bad.

  • Swan standard- Only to ever be used when you definitely cant get any other type of skin in the world.0/10,
  • 3. Zigzags

    Good quality skins with a smaller width and 1.5 rizla king size length.

  • Blue- Thin with low weight, a good skin.9/10
  • Green- Thick and heavy but long, a good skin for the novice wanting the extra length.8/10
  • White- Good and thin.9/10
  • 4. Rips

    A long roll of paper, gummed but not very effectively. You can literally pull the paper to the desired length.

  • Rips standard- A good idea, but let down by weak stickabliity.7/10
  • 5. Highland Skins.

    Interesting due to their common two skins pack, and of course the pack of roaches you get that as you use slowly reveals a stripping police woman.

  • Highland Skins standard- Novel idea, encouraging you smoke quicker.10/10