Tunes to Listen to when Caned

The beautiful green stuff does many cool things to our bodies but one of the best things it does is increase our musical awareness. When straight, music can sound amazing, but when you’ve been smoking some nice bud and you put on your favourite tracks you become part of the music.

There’s nothing like lying down on the floor with a quality speaker either side of your head and hearing the tune go through you. So I’ve compiled a list of the tracks that I and many others agree are class tunes to listen to when you’re caned.

The Top 10

1. Release the pressure – Leftfield.

Taken from the Leftism album of the early nineties this song remains an all time favourite of mine. The samples, the sounds, the beats, the bass line are all outstanding. This shit sounds amazing, its like you’re on a different planet with all these weird little spaceship sounds going on around your head.

This whole album is class through and through, the African beats of Afro-left make you think you’re in Zaire, the bass line pumps through to the guitar twanging and the African singing, its so magically created, this album must have be the product of some heavy smoking.

An album made for smokers.
Weed Guru rating 10/10

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2. Timeless – Goldie.

Deep and dark, a defining album of the nineties to many, as the title implies this album truly is timeless. Drum and Bass, but not the fast paced, tunes more than lyrics, action pumped beats of modern drum and bass. With this album Goldie produced a perfect fusion between trance like tunes, driving drum and bass lines and intense lyrics.

Long songs but each song is like a story itself, building up from the start and climbing towards an array of bewildering sounds. Faultless in its entirety, Timeless pushed the limits on our musical awareness to new levels. The changes between tracks are marked but effective. Going from the 2nd to the 3rd track for instance is like the peace after the storm, relaxation and understanding achieved.

Listening to this album when under the influence of certain green plants can send your mind travelling. Turn the lights down low, and turn up track7.

Wicked stuff.
Weed Guru rating 10/10

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3. What does your soul look like – DJ Shadow.

I know a bloke whos sister got married to this tune. It’s that kind of tune I suppose, totally relaxing but kind of saying something to you at the same time.

Dj Shadow is a unbelievable artist to be able to make this stuff. It’s like a story that you yourself try and make up in your head as the music eases through your ears and mind. The tune is so chilled but so interesting, a tune to make a room of people sit and listen I think. This track is taken from the Entroducing album which contains some of Dj Shadows best work to date.

I feel sorry for people who don’t smoke and listen to this album because they be missing something special. Weed Guru rating 9/10

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4. Black Sunday – Cypress Hill.

‘I want to get high, so high’ this album sets its stall right from the word go. A darker hip hop album, which concentrates, mainly on smoking green and gang warfare. Everybody will have heard and liked at least a couple of tracks from this masterpiece. The first song ‘I wanna get high’ loosens you up for the onslaught of the sinister ‘I ain’t going out like that’, one of those tracks that prepare you for war.

Some of the deepest and most addictive bass lines ever witnessed flow through this album. Head nodding music extreme that reels you in with the first bar of each track and doesn’t let you go even when the CD has long finished, the bass lines still powering through your head. The old favourite ‘insane in the brain’ is on this album which when you consider was released in 1993 has stood the test of time remarkably well and competes with anything of this genre we hear today.

Cypress Hill continues to intersperse their darkest beats with more jolly tunes like ‘when the shit goes down’ and the jumpy ‘what goes around comes around kid’.

Get this album, you wont be disappointed.
Weed guru rating 10/10

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5. Train of thought – Talib Kweli+DJ HiTek.

Beautifully delivered lyrics, deep winding bass lines, awe-inspiring poetry and the unmistakable depth and instruction of Kweli’s voice make this a world-class album. Collaborations with Mos Def, Res, Rah Digga, Kool G Rap, Les Nubians and Vinia Mojica combine with the work of master DJ Hi Tek and Kweli to stunning effect.

Every track on this compilation is good and what we have come to expect from the reflection eternal stable. Kweli has his own style of hip-hop, his lyrics seem more like delicately thought out poetry than hastily drawn up rhymes. Easy listening hip-hop may be a good description for this kind of music, undoubtedly appealing to anyone with ears. My favourite track personally has to be ‘memories’, another one of Kwelis songs where his words seep effortlessly into your mind and thoughts.

Probably the best album of certainly the hip hop genre, maybe of all genres I have heard for a few years.
Weed Guru rating:10/10

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6. Midnight Marauders – Tribe called quest.

Simply a must have in anyone’s collection. The best hip hop of today was being done by these boys 10 years ago, true pioneers. This album being the best of their plethora of quality and addictive beats.

Midnight Marauders is a feat which may never be repeated, put this album on any time and smoke some bud, it makes life feel cool. 8 Million stories, Sucka Nigga, We can Get Down, all these songs are amazing, out of this world hip hop at its finest.

Always good.
Weed Guru rating:8/10

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7. JFK2LAX – Gangstarr.
This album has been my favourite since I first heard it 2 years ago. The JFK2LAX song is my favourite song on the Moment of Truth album, you can only admire the flowing streetwise poetry that guru delivers with his almost monotone voice.

The beats are provided by Premiere who uses different genres of music to great effect. Hip hop is one of the types of music that always sounds good when you’re caned, I suppose because a lot of the music is written by people who smoke a lot of blunts! Moment of truth, Work, In memory of, in the clouds, the whole album is made of songs that make you listen. Guru is one of the most gifted lyricists I have ever heard, his words are delivered with such confidence and feeling.

Last week when it was raining, I’d had my wallet nicked the night before and weren’t too happy, I had a spliff then walked out in the dark cold night with this album playing loud on my walkman, it took me to another place, I cant even remember where I walked as I was fully involved in the music.

This album is good, very good.
Weed Guru rating 7/10

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8. Journey to anywhere – Ugly Duckling.

The follow up LP to the debut Fresh Mode Ep confirms Ugly Duckling’s credentials as talented performers. White boys creating good hip-hop, whatever next? Dizzy, Young Einstein and Andy (Ugly Duckling) have painstakingly produced quirky, funny and extremely entertaining tracks. Hip-hop to smile to whilst nodding your head.

The three play off each other superbly, chipping in with their opinions on one another and the world in general. The emphasis of this album is fun emphasized by tracks like ‘just a little samba’ and ‘pick up lines’. These boys have listened to music for along time, and it shows in their music. Perhaps they could be compared to Jurrassic5 in some ways, but I feel they are destined for greatness. Also check out their first Ep, Fresh Mode.

This album is a real gem, especially ‘Oasis’ and ‘Visions’. Quality.
Weed Guru rating 9/10

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9. J5 – Jurassic 5.

The hip-hop pioneers finest album with the favourite ‘concrete schoolyard’ on board of course. Charlie 2na is amazing along with the rest of the Jurassic crew as they collate surely their best work ever into this fun-packed memorable album. Jayou, concrete schoolyard, action satisfaction and without a doubt, they’re all classics.

More fun than dark hip-hop definitely, music to easily relax to and produce an atmosphere conducive to fun.

Give it a pop; it’s all good stuff.
Weed Guru rating 7/10

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10. Runnin – The Pharcyde

Another hip-hop track from another quality album. This track in particular hits me for some reason, the melodies are relaxed throughout and the lyrics are intelligent. Runnin is work typical of the Pharcyde who grew up with this album. LabcabinCali4nia is a jazzy, relaxing mix of happy little stories turned into songs. The group are seamless in their delivery and the tunes get into your head, you end up hearing them even after you’ve taken the headphones off.

The most relaxed album on my list , it is the ultimate easy listening album. The beats kinda offer you the lyrics to admire, especially in hey you, a track which would make any album I compiled.

Wicked album, music to put you in a good frame of mind without a doubt.
Weed Guru rating 8/10

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