The Medicinal use of Cannabis

Marijuana as a medicine has been studied for many years. The drug is used in some cultures around the world in present day for its medicinal qualities. However for a drug to be used as medicine it must be legal in that country. Countless doctors who are aware of the positive medicinal effects of the drug advise patients to use the drug despite the laws prohibiting this.

Uses for medicinal marijuana have been found in treating the following diseases: Cancer- Marijuana alleviates the vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite that is caused by chemotherapy. Glaucoma- The pain and progress of the disease can be reduced by the drug, as it reduces intraocular pressure. Glaucoma is the primary cause of blindness in the US. AIDS- Vomiting, pain and loss of appetite can be reduced. Multiple Sclerosis- Muscle pain is reduced by use of marijuana. Epilepsy- The drug has been known to fully prevent epileptic seizures in some patients and can allow more fresh areas of bronchi to open up. Chronic Pain- The drug reduces chronic pain caused by an array of injuries.

It is thought that for marijuana to be effective as medicine it must be taken on a daily basis, the optimum period of effectiveness is 3 hours after dosage. ‘Marijuana could benefit as many as five million patients in the United States’-a leading doctor has said. The situation can be infuriating to doctors and patients alike. Many of the drugs that are legal and prescribed in the treatment of the above diseases cause severe side-effects where-as the main side-effect of using marijuana is getting high. The drug has proved successful to many patients in alleviating their symptoms, and there is a strong lobby in the United Kingdom and the US to legalise marijuana for medicinal use.

The active substance in marijuana is tetrahyrdrocannibol. This affects the brain to give certain mental and physical effects. Symptoms known include hallucinations, affability, a relaxed ‘dream like state’, increased spatial awareness, laughing. Refer to the Against Medical section for the negative effects of the drug. The drug when used for recreational use is either smoked or consumed.