The Lion People

Due to my recent sudden and cruel return to the working world I have been unwilling to do much in the evenings other than get savagely stoned. This is needed to offset the shock value of moving abruptly, from a 2 year old routine of Sleep at 3-5am, Wake at 11am-1pm, to a dehumanizing 12-1am Sleep, 7-7.25am Wake pattern…Still, the work itself is fine, mentally engaging enough to keep my mind out of mischeif, and the constant walking and action on my feet gives me a decent jolt of exercize. Also, my immediate boss, a Sri Lankan buddhist named Jay, is a lively chap, who allows me time to roam the city, read, and laugh…It could be far worse. Especially if I had continued with the labouring job. If I am forced to work, then it must be a vocation which doesn’t leave me crippled for several days after each shift…Essentially, I am now well paid for playing the role of cheerful, active mail courier, racing between three buildings in the City, several times per day, delivering and sorting letters and parcels.

the lack of free time, or lack of lucidity during my vastly diminished reserves of free time, has cocooned me away from the world… However, I have managed to skim regularly enough through the news channels to maintain at least a one eyed view of the Major Global Events…

In Sri Lanka, government forces have taken yet more territory and life from the Tamil Tigers. Despite the consistent losses sustained by the Tigers since a harder line towards domestic terrorism was adopted by the sinhalese majority ruling party in 2007, the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) remains fiercely alive and defiant. For how long though, now looks like a decreasing number of months, or even days and hours…The word Sinhala, associated with the majority ethnic group of Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese, means ‘lion people’ and has its roots in myths surrounding the legendary founder of the Sinhalese people, Prince Vijaya.

Vijaya (543 BC-504 BC) was the first recorded King of Sri Lanka mentioned in the ancient Sri Lankan Pali chronicles, but he is also a figure in medieval Sri Lankan Tamil literature. (wikipedia)

During his first foreign trip as President of the United Snakes of America, Barak Obama, told Turkey, and the world,

“The United States is not and will never be at war with Islam.”

Which proves horribly early into his term in office, that Obama is either prone to duplicity, or abusing narcotics so heavily that his grasp of reality is never stronger than shakey. I am sure that a few million people in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan would find that quote unnaceptable. Political treason.

The United States IS and HAS BEEN FOR MANY YEARS at war with Islam.

Religion gets inside some people. it governs their lives, conditions their feelings. To varying extents, people become their religion. A Taliban fighter is fighting a holy war against the invaders. He is part of Islam. Were it not for his religion, would he be fighting*** Probably not unless his life was threatened. True, there are fanatics, on both sides of the fence. But when there is a clear pattern of Christian Leaders attacking Islamic Leaders, as there surely is, its hard to agree with Obama’s comments.

The two leaders who did the most recent damage, both christian fanatics, Tony Blair and George Bush, almost exclusively entered into conflict with solely islamic groups and states during their respective tenures. The overwelming majority of people killed, injured or arrested during the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon, over the last decade, were and continue to be, followers of Islam.

When your commander in chief tells the world

“I had a dream in which God told me to invade Iraq” (Bush)

its easy to call the following conflict a holy war.

Obama’s gesture of rhetoric is valuable only as a pin to burst the baloon of eternal optimism for a more decent future, which many of his supporters still cling to gleefuly, proudly, along with real hope that they have elected a man wholly good, able to be everything a president should be…Literate, Proper, Morally regal, Brave, Honest…The quote is similarly beautiful in meaning, and lacking in substance, as his words regarding his determination to create peace in the middle east. I don’t believe him.

If his goal was Peace in the region, why did he stand back and say nothing when recent reports told of Israeli soldiers admitting that they deliberately targeted civilians during their bloody adventure into the Gaza Strip in January**** He could have had a word with his Israeli minders, asked them to tone it down a little, to let a few women and children escape from the extermination squads, just for the sake of better publicity…Or he could have said, ‘those men must be hung’. But he refuses to criticize his bosses’ people. His hands and tongue, are tied.

If he seriously wants to extend one hand of friendship to the Muslim world, he best stop holding a gun in the other.

Aural Delights-

Wanted – Mr Lif…

Oasis- Ugly Duckling

Overcome- Tricky

Reccomended Book:

Medea- Euripides.

By far, the finest poem I have read…

Medea Quotes-

“I’ve neve felt this threatened nor fearless: men win their battles on the field but women are ruthless when the bed becomes the battleground. We’ve lain in our own blood before…and have survived.”

“All along I’ve feared she needs cruelty to soothe her rage.”

“The gold crown exploded in a fiery ring about her head, while the delicate gown, brought by your sons, ate into her sweet flesh. Consumed by flames, she stood and ran, shaking her head as if to throw the fire off, but the crown tangled tighter in her hair and the blaze roared higher as she fell to the floor and rolled in the unquenchable flames…Only her father could have known who she was. The eyes had melted. The face no more a face , while flaming blood leaking from her head fueled the blaze. But worse was how the flesh like tallow or pitch sloughed off her bones. Al of this because the viperous poison had locked her in its invisable jaws.”

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