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pOkE sMoT* (by Kate the great)

~i go each day w/ THC
just a lil joint & me
we hit the bowl&have sum fun
im reely high when i am done
i like to smoke sum mary jane
to this day i cant complain

some is green sticky or hairy
it may even be a bit scary
even if it looks like hell
jus lite it up & breathe that smell
u can count on that lil green leaf
to replace a hard day w/releif

when we sit to smoke trees
pack the bowl again plz
standin around smokin a j
i luv to smoke that incredible hay

i luv weed & weed luvs me
im a pothead as u c
i think ill go & hit the bong
so thats my tribute to a THC song

OF MY LOVE (by Charlee)

In love, in lust
Affection, complete trust
Souls are entwined
Hearts beat as one
Like the Earth and the Sun
Futures aligned

The Morning Bird (Anon posted by Charlee)

I woke early one morning
The Earth lay cool and still
When suddenly a tiny bird
Perched on my window sill
He sang a song so lovely
So carefree and so gay
That slowly all my troubles
Began to slip away
He sang of far off places
Of laughter and of fun
It seemed his very trilling
Brought up the morning sun
I stirred beneath the covers
Crept slowly out of bed
Then gently shut the window
And crushed his fucking head!
I’m not a morning person.

Good Bud (PlayaSlick)

we all love the green
you and i
lets smoke some weed
and get high

one bong two bong
red bong blue bong

w is for the way it makes me feel
e is for every season i peel
e is for everyday i smoke
d is for the dank nugs i toke

this is not a joke
you know i like to toke
i smoke all kinds of weed
but never the seed
if you smoke a bong
you’ll never go wrong
lets roll a j
its the only way
just bought a pound
it can go all around
this some dank bud
something something thud

Untitled (Pot S. Moker)

there once was a man named Bobby
Who had a chihuahua
Bobby had a fun hobby
It’s called smoking marijuana

1, 2, 3 hits your out
Only if it’s good shit
We’re not out, so don’t pout
Just let me hit

Pipes and Bongs
Joints and Brownies
High as King Kong
But there are no frownies

Laugh laugh ha ha
Look at me rhyme
Umm, yippity blah
I’m done, it’s nap time

Cannabis Cannabis (Greenman via Jesse)

A lot of people think that cannabis is just for smoking
But when they hear this song they’ll learn there’s more to toking.
Twenty five thousand different things we can make from it
And if we give it a chance we’ll save the blinking planet.
Food, fibre, fuel and medicine, necessities for life
A benefit to all of us, a wonder and delight
Within this smelly weed there’s more than meets the eye
So much, much more than smoking
It can cleanse our dirty skies
Cannabis, cannabis, we’ll save the planet with cannabis
Cannabis,Cannabis, oh bless my soul I’m sure.
Cannabis, cannabis, we’ll save the planet with cannabis
Cannabis, cannabis, not knocking on heavens door.
Even Prince Charlie has a high regard for weed
He recommends it to M.S. sufferers who’re in desperate need
It’s medicinal, it’s pure it helps to ease the pain
And if you’re feeling down my friend, it’ll pick you up again
Chorus x 2
Rationality, liberality, open up your mind
The sun is closing in and we’re running out of time
Now there ain’t no point in worrying Wondering what to do
‘Cos the answers in the colour green
It’s shinning through and through
Chorus x 2
Words by GreenMan
from a silli stoner