Increasing Marijuana Yield

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Increasing Marijuana Yield

Post by Weedguru Higher » Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:24 pm

Increasing Marijuana Yield

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Mastering the basics of marijuana growing will then allow you to begin considering some advance marijuana growing techniques to increase yield. The marijuana plant yield can be increased in many ways. Most importantly is using the proper marijuana fertilizers according to the cannabis plant needs. Understanding how and when to use marijuana fertilizers will greatly increase your marijuana yield.

There are several things marijuana growers can do to improve their marijuana yield. Increasing marijuana yield by mastering and keeping all the basics consistent, such as marijuana grow room temperature, watering schedule, nutrient feeding, and using the proper high intensity discharge light will grow impressive marijuana plants.

Increasing marijuana yield is the desire of all marijuana growers who have mastered the basics.

Purchasing marijuana seeds that are designated high yielding is the building block to increasing marijuana yield. Avoid sativa marijuana strains as sativa marijuana plants produce light fluffy marijuana buds. Sativa is an uplifting motivational marijuana high. For heavy yields purchase a pure indica marijuana strain. These marijuana types produce dense heavy marijuana buds and couch lock marijuana high. Commercial marijuana growers always grow indica marijuana because of increase marijuana yield versus sativa.

By choosing marijuana seeds suitable to your indoor marijuana grow conditions you will ensure a very good yield.

Depending on the marijuana growers preference some grow for marijuana high while others are looking for a great marijuana yield. Selecting marijuana seeds for increase marijuana yield doesn't mean the marijuana grower has to sacrifice yield. With so many marijuana seeds to choose from a marijuana grower can find a marijuana type that is both heavy yielding and great tasting.

Maximize light efficiency. The more light marijuana plants receive the faster and healthier they will grow. Increasing their yield. Properly hanging high intensity discharge bulbs so light hits the marijuana plant more than anywhere else can easily increase yield. Adding white reflective plastic to bounce light off the walls back to the cannabis plants is important to produce great marijuana. Focus light where it is needed most.

Use CO2 to increase marijuana yield. Under bright lights marijuana plants can greatly decrease the amount of CO2 in the marijuana grow room. Adding CO2 tank on a timer will greatly increase marijuana yield. Marijuana plants grow much faster, and produce heavier yields, when they receive CO2-enriched air right up until the last two weeks of marijuana flowering.

One of the best methods of increasing marijuana yields is to prune your cannabis plant to produce fewer but bigger marijuana buds. Super cropping, cutting branches to create a plant that grows bigger buds is done according to the plant. Some marijuana plants can be topped, that is their top branch cut off, to produce two marijuana colas. Many marijuana types can't be topped.

Before a serious pruning a marijuana plant might have 16 - 20 branches. When the prune is completed the cannabis plant will only four or six remaining branches that receive plenty of light. Many of the undergrowth branches will only produce popcorn size marijuana buds. Instead cut these branches to create marijuana clones. These smaller cannabis buds will only zap energy from the cannabis plant. By removing them a marijuana grower will increase yields because the marijuana plant is focusing all its energy on a select few heavy producing branches.

Developing their own marijuana fertilizer formula is often one of the major talents of marijuana grower. A pH and PPM meter is required to develop the best marijuana fertilizer formula.

Understanding how much cannabis fertilizer your marijuana plants can handle during both the vegetative and marijuana flowering phase is critical to increasing marijuana yield. Some marijuana plants are referred to as heavy eaters, that is, they can consume plenty of marijuana fertilizers. Whereas some marijuana plants are more delicate and require less marijuana fertilizer.

During the vegetative phase marijuana plants will dramatically increase their growth by using the correct amount of marijuana fertilizers. Not all marijuana fertilizers are made the same. Nirvana potassium based suspension or Wet Betty an organic marijuana fertilizer are excellent at increasing marijuana yield by building a strong healthy plant during vegetative phase. Both these marijuana fertilizers can be used to spray on cannabis plants just before the lights go out. They will increase marijuana growth.

Dr. Hornby's Organic Iguano Juice is a liquid organic marijuana fertilizer that is applied during watering. This marijuana fertilizer increases root production, creating the foundation to increase marijuana yield.

Marijuana growers often use too much Dr. Hornby Big Bud when they begin to see the results during the cannabis flowering phase. Just a little Big Bud marijuana fertilizer is needed to increase marijuana yields. This powder is added during regular watering at the start of the marijuana flowering phase. Add Big Bud to increase marijuana yield, but never during the last two weeks of flowering. Do not use Big Bud during the last two weeks of marijuana flowering as it will greatly effect marijuana taste.

When achieving increased marijuana yields many marijuana growers make the mistake of using too much marijuana fertilizer. This can have a negative impact on the marijuana plant. During the final weeks of marijuana flower it's critical to use clean water to flush the marijuana plant of all remaining fertilizers. The best marijuana growers won't harvest their marijuana plant until all the fertilizers have been cleansed from the plant. ... yield.html

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